The Africanization of France: Gallia Watch

I have reported twice on the Africanization of France, statistics for which are available through medical sources.

Though it is illegal in France to maintain or publish statistics on ethnic groups, the medical profession needed to be prepared to treat new-borns with sickle cell anemia, and to do this, the at-risk population had to be tested.

The results were published in medical reports, that were then leaked somehow to the blogs, and suddenly everyone knew that that number of babies at-risk for the disease among two major groups: sub-Saharan Africans, and North Africans, was much higher than anyone had expected.

The latest medical reports indicate still another increase in the number of babies at-risk for the disease. François Desouche has combined the results from 2005 and 2010 with the latest results from 2012 in this map [illustrated].

As an example, in the department of Île-de-France (towards the top) you can see that in 2012, 65.95% of babies born were either North African or African, up from 60% in 2010 and from 54.15% in 2005. This department includes Paris and the surrounding suburbs.

At the other end of the spectrum, on the left, in Brittany, only 7.14% of babies were at risk. In the lower right corner, PACA and Corsica had 43.27% of new-borns at risk. PACA stands for Provence-Alpes Maritimes-Côte-d’Azur. Obviously, the great metropolitan areas have the largest black/Arab Muslim populations…