Obama DOJ to investigate ‘racist’ Independence Day outhouse float

On the prodding of angry Democrats, the Department of Justice has decided to step into the controversy over a float that was part of the Norfolk, Nebraska, Independence Day parade, Omaha.com reported on Friday. The float consisted of a zombie-like mannequin standing near an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library.”

The float drew accusations of racism from members of the state Democratic Party, CBS said. According to the Omaha World-Herald, neither the float nor the truck pulling it identified a sponsor.

As a result, the DOJ sent a member of its Community Relations Service team — a group that involves itself in discrimination issues. On Thursday, the unidentified team member met with representatives of the local NAACP, the mayor of Norfolk and The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the organization that organized the parade.

Dale Remmich, the creator of the float, said the mannequin represented himself, not Barack Obama. According to World-Herald staff writer Emerson Clarridge, Remmich is upset with Obama’s handling of the Veterans Affairs Department…

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