Italian MP Gianluca Buonanno: Gay kissing a no-no

For all Americans who think we have it bad with Ted Cruz and his “Green Eggs and Ham” stunts, get a load of this guy.

According to Italian news blog, Agere per Formulas, a proposal has been put forth by Gianluca Buonanno, MP and MEP for Italy’s right-wing Northern League Party to make all same-sex kissing and displays of affection in public punishable by a fine of €500 ($680 USD).

“I don’t like that two people of the same-sex exchanges public displays of affection. It’s a matter of respect. And I am convinced that is morally harmful for children,” Buonanno said.

Earlier this week, the homophobic lawmaker praised Russian despot, Vladimir Putin for his stance on “gay propaganda.”

“Gay kisses in public? No thanks. Not only. From today in my Mayor and MEP offices there will be a photo of Putin,” Buonanno said…