Palestinian businessman sponsors mosque construction in Sofia, Bulgaria

Refugees and asylums seekers from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and many other African states are frequent visitors of the newly-built mosque.

A Palestinian businessman has generously provided financial support to build a mosque in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia where thousands of Muslim asylum seekers only have one mosque.

In Sofia’s Lulin neighborhood, the only mosque of the city does not fulfill the need of the increasing Muslim population for place of worship, which led Hussein Abu Kalbein, a Palestinian businessman, to take action to build a small mosque in Sofia.

Kalbein, a 30-year resident of Bulgaria with Palestinian origin, said “I am electronic engineer, married and have five children. My wife is a Bulgarian Muslim. I decided to support this mosque to fulfill Muslims’ needs. Those who live in the northern part of the city where the transportation to the mosque is not easy come here and practice their religion.”

For refugees, a new mosque is a source of easing their yearning for home and forge new friendships. The dinner is served by the chef Sayfi. Following the fast breaking, Muslims come together for tarawih prayers and pray for the re-establishment of peace and prosperity in their home countries…

* * *
So this Palestinian businessman is so prosperous he can afford to built mosques in Bulgaria? All for the convenience of Muslim “refugees” to Europe.

Why does not channel some of wealth back to Palestine?

p.s. Note the usual large family.  Europe is lost!