Multicultural Toronto – Our Mosaic Of Diversity – Scenes From the Pallie Rally In Toronto

Scenes from the Pallie Rally in Toronto July 11 2014.

Palestinian-terror supporters on Toronto’s streets make the case for overhauling Canada’s immigration system

Today in the heart of Toronto’s downtown, foreign-born fanatics were screaming their fury at Canada and for Canada’s support for the middle east’s only democracy. They were there in the hundreds. Grubby men in shabby, earth-toned clothes accompanied by pudgy, hirsute women shrouded in chadors and hijabs, all clustered beneath a sea of flags they brought representing Canada’s enemies like Iran. Their clothes were like some perverse caricature of the satanic ideology of the terror group Hamas, which they came to support and which boasts that while their enemies love life, the Islamists love death. Some of these miscreants even waved flags of organizations listed by our government as banned terror groups, including those of Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad in Palestine.