Hundreds of anti-Israeli demonstrators bring London traffic to a standstill as they scale double-decker bus as they protest outside embassy over Gaza strikes

At least 17 people climbed on top of the London bus during the protest, with one holding a banner which read: “Judaism rejects the Zionist state and condemns its criminal siege and occupation”

Hundreds of anti-Israeli demonstrators brought traffic to a standstill in London today after turning out in their droves to call for an end to military strikes on Gaza.

Protesters crowded the streets outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington High Street, west London, and some took it even further by standing on one of the city’s iconic double-decker buses.

Waving placards which read “Gaza: End the Siege” and “Freedom for Palestine,” demonstrators chanted and blocked the road as they protested against “Israeli aggression” in the Middle East.

Crowds lined the main road in Kensington High Street, preventing any vehicles from using the road

However, despite the traffic jams and large crowds, police said the protest was largely peaceful as a whole.

The demonstration came after the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which staged protests around the world today, called on people to “oppose Israeli aggression.”

In a statement earlier this week, the group said: “This isn’t about rockets from Gaza. It’s about Israel fighting to maintain its control over Palestinian lives, and Palestinian land…”