15-year-old child bride found dead three months after wedding in southeastern Turkey

15-year-old Y.A. (2L) with her husband (L) during their wedding in Adıyaman’s Gölbaşı district

A 15-year-old child bride who was married three months ago in a traditional, non-official wedding was found dead late July 10 at the home of her parents-in-law in the southeastern province of Adıyaman.

The young victim, identified as Y.A., had temporarily returned to her hometown in Adıyaman’s Gölbaşı district, after moving to the city of Gaziantep with her husband following her wedding.

Her relatives found her shot by a hunting rifle at her father-in-law’s home in the evening of July 11. The first examinations suggest suicide as the cause of death, gendarmerie officials said. Y.A.’s body was sent to forensics for an autopsy.

The death of a 14-year-old child bride six months ago in the southeastern Siirt province had sparked huge outrage in Turkey, drawing attention to one of the most deep-rooted problems in Turkish society. Reports have said the girl was married at the age of 11 and gave birth to two children…