Training to be a ‘terrorist’ to be grounds for loss of Dutch nationality

Dutch dual nationals will be stripped of their Dutch citizenship if they undergo ‘terrorist’ training or give ‘terrorist instruction’ to others, under draft legislation introduced by justice minister Ivo Opstelten on Friday.

Opstelten said in a briefing to parliament he expects the measure will have a deterrent effect. The ruling will only apply to dual nationals because under international law no-one can be left stateless.

People can already be stripped of their Dutch nationality if they join a terrorist organisation or join the army of a country which is in conflict with the Netherlands or an alliance involving the Netherlands.

The draft legislation was backed by the cabinet on Friday and will now be sent to the Council of State for its recommendations.

The measure is part of the cabinet’s efforts to stop people travelling to Syria and other countries to join up with Muslim rebels. So far, 130 Dutch nationals are thought to have gone to Syria and at least 10 have been killed.

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Will they be deported if they try to come back?  And screw “international law.”  No one who goes to Syria should be allowed to come back.

And I notice that the death rate, based on these figures, is less than 10%.