Gallery owner in shock – wants to leave Sweden: Artist Dan Park arrested at opening

Sign reads: “Warning for racist ‘art’ ”

For about 30 minutes, Gallery Rönnquist & Rönnquist remained open and celebrated the opening of artist Dan Park’s exhibition.

Then, the police stepped in. In nightmarish, police state fashion, they apprehended Dan Park and seized several of his works.

All because a prosecutor in Malmö suspects that the artist’s pictures are in violation of hate speech laws.

At twelve noon, gallery owner Henrik Rönnquist opened the doors. The works shown are a mix of old and new provocative “street art”, now framed and hung on gallery walls for the first time.

The artist, as well as the gallery owner, both expected the police to protect them from the violent leftists and the so-called “anti-racists” that had promised to show up and do everything in their power to shut down the exhibition. Instead, police did everything to accommodate the troublemakers and arrested the artist…

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h/t GR.