First it was racist, now yoga is a ‘deeply unsavoury activity’

In an unprecedented move against bendy people, it was reported this week that a Catholic priest has been campaigning against yoga. A missive from Father Padraig O’Baoill to his parishioners in County Donegal warns that yoga, tai chi and reiki are “unsavoury activities” that could endanger their souls.

And before there are any disparaging remarks about Donegal’s slogan being “Up here it’s different,” it should be noted that a Catholic priest in Southampton banned yoga from his church hall in 2012 because it was advertised as “spiritual”; and there is even a US pastor willing to say something extreme, outlandish and bigoted on the subject, with one spluttering, in 2010, that yoga is “demonic.”

Much of this criticism stems from the fact that yoga has its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism…

I have no theological problem with yoga, but I do agree with Fr O’Baoill that it is deeply unsavoury. This is a truth that most people realise when they give up after three sessions and start using their yoga mat as a draft excluder.  Probably the main reason people abandon the practice, or never even try, is the unutterable smugness of yoga bunnies…

The racist allegation is here.