Edmonton couple charged with arranging illegal employment for foreign workers

An Edmonton couple is facing charges for allegedly arranging illegal employment contracts for workers from outside Canada.

Raquel Obras Figueroa and Enriquito Balbin Figueroa are charged with aiding and abetting foreign nationals to contravene the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

Raquel Figueroa faces an additional charge of being an unauthorized immigration consultant for a fee.

The charges were laid by the Canada Border Services Agency.

According to information from the CBSA, the people who dealt with the couple came to Canada legally as visitors, students or workers, and came into contact with the couple searching for work. The Figueroas then allegedly arranged illegal work as health care aides or community support workers in Calgary, or as hotel housekeepers in Edmonton and British Columbia.

The couple allegedly promised work permits and legal work status but did not follow through…