Why not encourage them? West in push to stop flow of jihadists

Paris (France) (AFP) – Europe and the United States are drawing up a new wave of anti-terror measures to try to stop the growing number of would-be jihadists from going to fight in Syria and Iraq.

France unveiled a new bill on Wednesday to ban foreign travel for those suspected of being radicalised, after US Attorney General Eric Holder claimed that returning fighters pose a “grave threat”.

Nine EU interior ministers met in Milan on Tuesday to put together a plan of action to identify young people who have signed up to fight with Islamist groups against the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Here’s how to solve the problem.

A) Encourage as many to join the jihad as possible. Set up Jihad Air and pay for a 1 way ticket, encourage them to renounce their citizenship, revoke it from those that don’t.

B) Cease immigration from Muslim countries.

Problem solved. As citizens and taxpayers the societal & economic costs arising from the vigilant effort necessary to mitigate Islam’s contribution to our mosaic of diversity has become an expensive, undeserved burden. What other immigrant group requires such diligence from our resource strapped security services? What other immigrant group requires federally funded programs to civilize a religious cult and hopefully prevent them from killing their daughters; That is when they aren’t marrying them off at 12 or sexually mutilating them? We did not ask for this, it was foisted on us by the toxic stew created by our ill-advised policy of multiculturalism.