TorStar: Toronto is diverse but not as inclusive as it could be says RBC apologist for shipping Canadian jobs to Asia

Zabeen Hirji has spent 13 years spearheading RBC’s drive to make its workforce a better reflection of the population, writes Carol Goar

“Having diversity is interesting,” said Zabeen Hirji, chief human resources officer for the Royal Bank non-commitally. “It’s when you do something with it that it becomes powerful.”

She had put her finger on one of the biggest challenges facing this city: moving from diversity to inclusion.

As a woman, an Ismaili Muslim and an immigrant from Tanzania, Hirji is acutely aware of the difference.

Many Torontonians are not.
On that score, Toronto doesn’t do as well. Very few immigrants — who make up 46 per cent of the city’s population — hold senior positions in business, politics or civil society.  Racialized Torontonians — as they call themselves — are disproportionately poor, underemployed and socially isolated…

Update: Zabeen Hirji loves diversity so much she was the RBC apologist when the bank was caught forcing staff to train foreigners to take their jobs.

It was the worst corporate rat performance caught on tape until the McDonald’s CEO made his debut.