Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi to finally get his day in court after 100 days behind bars

The US Marine held in a Mexican jail for 100 days after mistakenly entering the country with guns is to finally appear in court on Wednesday in front of a federal judge in Tijuana.

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi will give his side of the story to a court for the first time since the two-tour veteran of Afghanistan was arrested on March 31, claiming to have crossed the border accidently after becoming disorientated on the road.

After more than three months of delays due to the unpredictable nature of Mexico’s legal system, Tahmooressi, 26, will press Judge Victor Octavio Luna Escobedo to free him, citing his PTSD as one of the reasons for his confusion that evening…

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I have not been following this story very closely but it seems outrageous that Mexico can away with treating Americans like this, while the Obama administration is using kid gloves over Mexican complicity in the flood of child migrants. 

Oh, I just remembered, he really wants those migrants–future Dem voters.