Prominent Filipino Muslim convert preachers to discuss Islam’s message of peace and unity at Dubai World Trade Centre

“I encourage those attending to be liberal and open-minded and to listen intently to the teachings of Islam,” says Omar Penalber

ABU DHABI // Two prominent Filipino Muslim preachers hope to spread Islam’s message of peace and unity at a community lecture in Dubai at the weekend.

Omar Penalber, 59, and Nuh Caparino, 48, both from Cavite City, were invited to speak at the 13th Ramadan Forum, which began last Thursday, by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

It is being held under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed, the chairman of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation.

On Saturday, Mr Penalber and Mr Caparino will hold a joint lecture in Tagalog on “Islam: Past, Present and Future” at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Both scholars, who were Christians, will discuss the history of Islam in the Philippines, Islam as the country’s fastest-growing religion, and how they envision Islam’s future in the Philippines…

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Checking out my Twitter feed, I notice that ISIS fan Abu Malik (@truthsMaster) is currently on a wild anti-Shiite rampage:

Shiite scholar Baqir al fali says san jose was named after hussein #ShiismIsNotIslam>
— Abdul Malek #خلافة (@truthsMaster) July 10, 2014

sure this is islam @wsscherk
— Abdul Malek #خلافة (@truthsMaster) July 10, 2014

And it not just him. Check out #ShiismIsNotIslam.

Peace and unity indeed!