Chase LGBT Whistleblower talks to Breitbart News

…Many on the sexual left are questioning the authenticity of the survey. The whistleblower assured Breitbart News that it was real. He also provided a second employee who backed up the story.

The Chase whistleblower told Breitbart News that a survey has been circulated through all Chase business lines for many years, though a break was taken after 2008 when the survey showed widespread employee dissatisfaction. It was resumed a few years ago. Up to now, he said, the survey was noncontroversial, asking questions related to company performance, employee happiness, performance of management, etc.

The survey is completed strictly online and was opened for answers in February. The whistleblower underscored that each employee answering the survey had to include his employee number…

What caused the controversy this year was this question: “Are you an ally of the LGBT community…?”