As predictable as the morning sunrise, The Guardian publishes Palestinian rant: ‘The world must intervene to restrain the Israeli army’

Mustafa Barghouti

It is written by Mustafa Barghouti, who, according to Wikipedia is: “a Palestinian physician, activist, and politician who serves as General Secretary of the Palestine National Initiative (PNI), also known as al Mubadara.

He has been a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (Palestinian Parliament) since 2006 and is also a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Central Council. In 2007, Barghouti was Minister of Information in the Palestinian unity government.”


The world watches but does nothing as yet another crisis unfolds. The tragedy of the disappearance and killing of three Israeli teenagers last month has provoked a campaign of collective punishment against Palestinian citizens across the occupied territories. Mass arrests have been carried out, whose victims include Palestinian parliamentarians. And revenge attacks have occurred, with Israeli settlers taking the law into their own hands.

This is an attack on all Palestinians. Most of the victims have been civilians…

We are seeing vivid and brutal examples of this again…

The last point, the asymmetry of the conflict, is perhaps the root of all of the violence…

The international community should intervene to restrain Israel’s army, which has called up 40,000 reserve soldiers…

We demand an immediate meeting of the UN security council and a decision to impose a complete ceasefire with effective international protection for the Palestinian people, who have no way of matching the superpower of the mighty Israeli army….

Even at The Guardian a commenter notes, with 1,377 likes:

The Palestinians need to stop firing missiles at Israel and no one would need to intervene.

It is an unstoppable process. But if Isreal were forced to pull out of occupied territories and Hamas and other radical groups were punished by their own governments (impossible as the terrorists are in government), a peace process could eventually be reached.

Barghouti had unaccountably failed to mention the rockets.

Another thing is acting against Barghouti this time.  An attention crisis.  Syria has been a crisis for what is it now,  over two years?  150,000 dead was the last figure I saw.  Refugees are in the millions, many of them ending up in Europe.

Not to mention the new “Caliphate” expanding over eastern Syria and western Iraq and the possible breakup of the country by an independent Kurdistan.  Those two are still unfolding.

Update: U.N. Security Council to meet on Israel, Palestinian hostilities: (Reuters) – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will brief the U.N. Security Council on Thursday on the escalating Israeli and Palestinian hostilities, which he described as a “troubling and volatile” situation.

The 15-member body will meet at 10 a.m. EST on Thursday to discuss the violence that is building up to the most serious hostilities between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza since an eight-day war in 2012.