Abdulrahman al-Rashed at al-Arabiya: The mistake of supporting Islamic groups in Syria

Fighters from al-Nusra. Remember them?

The belief that there is an Islamic military group that is friendly and another that is evil is a pure myth. All Islamic organizations we see today, from Afghanistan to Algeria and Nigeria, are hostile and subscribe to a takfirist ideology (which involves accusing others of apostasy). They raise the banners of Islam and resemble the mobs of those who defected from the Muslim community during the dawn of Islam, those who were called the “Khawarij.” History is full of horrific accounts of their crimes.
These religious groups which claim to uphold centrism and moderation have not proven this to be true even once! What happens is that they use moderation to reach extremism. They sneak in, in the name of moderation, and turn the individual who believes in co-existence and civility of the state into a takfirist who rejects other citizens of different religions or sects or those who are not as extremist as he is!

I am not saying that there are no moderates. I am saying that there are no moderate military organizations. The act of taking up arms and the willingness to sacrifice oneself is mostly linked to extremist religious thinking. This is why the Syrian Islamic Front was a naïve, or even an evil idea. It succeeded at strengthening other takfirist groups like ISIS and weakened national civil parties like the Free Syrian Army (FSA).
Someone told me that a group like the Syrian Islamic Front was invented to fight against ISIS. Hundreds of extremists were actually gotten rid of at the beginning of this year. But look at what happened later! ISIS, thanks to its successes and appalling actions, managed to attract tens of thousands of brainwashed youths. The result was that a few hundred ISIS members were eliminated and replaced by thousands of others!