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“Vanity Fair falsely accuses Israelis of seeking genocide against Arabs

From Vanity Fair, discussing the events of the past few weeks: A Facebook page calling for Israeli vigilantes to “kill an Arab every hour” quickly gained more than 20,000 likes. 

However, the page doesn’t say that at all. It says “Kill a terrorist every hour” until the boys are returned.You don’t even have to know Hebrew to understand this. The “About” page says in English:

We must use a strong hand to fight violent and life-threatening terror. The weakness shown by the Israeli Government, which released thousands of murderers has only increased their drive and led to the kidnapping of the teens. The only way to bring the teens back is to instill fear in our enemies and make them understand that they will suffer. We support executing a terrorist every hour until the teens are released. 
Nothing about killing “Arabs.” And there is nothing wrong with killing terrorists – unless you support the terrorists.”
   Why would Vanity Fair publish the work of someone as sloppy
– and that’s a generous characterization – as Anna Lekas Miller?