UK govt. should not erect a statue of a blatant racist & pedophile in Parliament square: Sikh Federation UK on Gandhi statute

London (July 08, 2014): According to a written statement by the Sikh Federation UK, the Sikhs in UK have accused the Foreign Secretary of appeasing the Indian Government by announcing a statue in Parliament Square of Mahatma Gandhi who is a blatant racist and pedophile.

“Instead there should be a permanent monument recognising the huge contribution of Sikhs in the First World War”, the statement reads.

The Sikh Federation (UK) is dismayed William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, has today announced in India that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi is being constructed and will be erected in Parliament Square next year.

We have today written to the Culture Secretary, Sajid Javid…pointing out this was something we successfully opposed in 2008…

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I had not been keeping on Gandhi, but a quick look shows that he was rather strange, to say the least. 

Do not get me wrong here: I am not trying to foment trouble between Sikhs and Hindus – I have zero interest in doing that, but only to note that I had not realized this about Gandhi.

The article turned up in my Google alert on “racist | racism” — I did not go looking for it.

More on the statue at the Daily Mail.