Rob Ford: From a Whistleblowing Journalist

“I was sent the following text from an anonymous and unanswerable email address. I cannot verify its truth, but the message is compelling enough that I am publishing it. Under these circumstances we must consider this entertainment and not truth. Enjoy.

Secondary note: the comments at the bottom of the page are interesting.”

“The last time I took a drink was seven years ago. That was the morning I decided to go to detox. I bought two large cans of beer and downed them before my ride arrived. I was there for six days before being transferred to a 28 day rehab facility. I’m one of the lucky ones. I have not relapsed since.

As part of my ongoing recovery, I now visit that rehab once a month, speaking to residents about my experience with AA. The visits are a scheduled part of the facility’s program and I am happy to share what we in AA call our experience, strength and hope. With a family history of alcoholism, I’ve experienced recovery from all angles.

Rob Ford is a media cash cow. Seasoned journalists like myself, who have survived addictions, knew he was heading for a crisis, but the two young journalists following him, Robyn Doolittle and Daniel Dale, were clueless. This was disingenuous: there are plenty of journalists in AA who know the Toronto Star’s incredulity is calculated and dishonest. They have simply used the naivete of two young people to cultivate a wider readership, especially among millennials. The sniggering on their Twitter feeds was just part of a very cynical (and for Dale and Doolittle, unwitting) campaign.”

h/t DR