Ramadan rage? Man walks into hospital, stabs doctor during rounds – Karachi

Civil Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan

Dr Masroor was with a patient in the Out-Patient Department when a man identified as Abdul Sattar walked in and attacked him with a knife.

Sattar wanted to slit his throat but only managed to damage the jugular vein and other neck muscles.

The doctor was at Civil Hospital, Karachi, working his regular shift at the ENT OPD when the incident took place. He was admitted to the hospital’s surgical ICU in critical condition.

According to sources, Sattar had completed an operation theatre technician course from the hospital last year. He walked into the OPD around 11:30am and attacked the doctor, leaving him a bloody mess. Dr Masroor was rushed to the operation theatre with severe bleeding. Hospital sources claim that he is recovering.

Sattar managed to escape from the hospital premises amid tight security. Doctors and staff say that they are feeling quite insecure after the incident…