Mark Steyn on ‘the challenges of diversity’

Mark Steyn writes:

How many “challenges” are you prepared to take on in the service of diversity? In Europe, which has southern-border issues all of its own, a French teacher, 34-year-old Fabienne Calmes, was murdered in front of her kindergarten class by the mother of one of her pupils. Murders of schoolteachers are very rare in France, and the grim fate of Mme Calmes galvanized the nation. Over at The American Thinker, Selwyn Duke noticed that the press had given extensive coverage to every aspect of the case – Fabienne, her husband, their two young children, shocked community, etc – except the nature of the killer. Indeed, the French state has charged “the mother” with murder but has still not released her full name.


In a healthy journalistic culture, crime reporters would be climbing over each other to get the scoop on the psycho dame who killed the beloved kindergarten teacher devoted to her charges. But not this time… You have to go seven paragraphs down into this story from La Dépêche to find out anything about the murderess, and then glossed over very lightly:

“Arrivée dans le Tarn, il y a 2 ans, Rachida H., marocaine de nationalité espagnole, s’est fait connaître auprès des services sociaux du conseil général du Tarn en tant que mère isolée.”

Ah. So Mme Calmes was killed by a Moroccan with a Spanish passport who’s on welfare.