IDF Eliminates 2nd Terror Cell Trying to Infiltrate Israel by Sea Near Gaza

Israeli troops Wednesday night killed at least two Palestinian naval commandos attempting to enter Kibbutz Zikim alongside Gaza, in what appears to be a repeat of Tuesday’s near-identical attempted infiltration.‏

“A short time ago, two armed frogmen were spotted on the shoreline north of the Gaza Strip, headed for Israeli territory,” the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman said in a tweet.‏

IDF spotters identified the assault, and troops, including helicopter forces engaged the squad as they tried to reach the shore.‏‏

Palestinians fired mortars in the vicinity, again, as in Tuesday’s thwarted attack, apparently as a ploy to create a diversion for the approaching commandos.‏

According to unconfirmed reports, IDF units also killed a second set of terrorists who came ashore.