“…We are going to rape you and Allah Will thank us for it!” Ex-Femen member Amina attacked & ‘shaved in Paris’

From Amina’s FB Page – “At 0500 mast instead of Clichy 5 Individuals started to insult me They forced me out of the metro, call friends Who Was with me telling em That I arrived well at home! in the street They catch me I cry, and no one is arrested This I Had No battery to call the cops! They Have eyebrows shaved hair on me saying That I deserve beauty That Allah HAS Given to me, They Have me say dirty whore, we are going to rape you and Allah Will thank us for it! and there I started to plead with ’em and tell’ em That I become Muslim I have the DSL Koran So They loose I have not yet filed a complaint but I’ll do it all the time! Yet in 2014 ca what is happening and in France, I can not even believe I want to aware of what Will Happen at the office”

Ex-Femen member Amina attacked and ‘shaved in Paris’

(ANSAmed) – PARIS, JULY 7 – Former Femen militant, Tunisia’s Amina Sboui, said she was attacked Sunday at dawn in a Parisian square by five people who ”shaved her eyebrows and hair”.

Amina denounced the aggression on her Facebook page where she posted a selfie a few hours after the alleged attack. The woman said five people attacked her at around 5 am Sunday in the Clichy station, in Pigalle: ”they shaved my eyebrows and hair, telling me I don’t deserve the beauty Allah gave me, they called me a whore and told me they would raped me and would be thanked by Allah for it!”.