US: Amherst task force chairman chastised for calling white assault victim ‘racist’

Amherst School Superintendent Maria Geryk is keeping mum

AMHERST — Amherst school superintendent Maria Geryk is keeping mum about an incident in which a white student was “aggressively and seriously assaulted” by students of color, the Daily Hampshire Gazette is reporting.

The issue came to light Thursday when leaders of three school committees associated with Amherst Regional High School reprimanded the chairman of an Equity Task Force formed to reduce racial tension at the school.

The memo chastised task force chairman Amilcar Shabazz of Amherst for referring to the white victim in the incident as “racist” at the group’s June 18 meeting.

According to the memo, Shabazz said the white student was targeted this spring after students of color decided to “beat up the greatest racist they could find.” An internal investigation by the school found no evidence the victims was racist, the memo said.

The memo said Shabazz, as a town official, may have violated the victim’s FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) rights by speaking pejoratively about him in a public setting. The victim’s identity is widely known within the school community, said the memo…