Another Islamophobic Hate Crime Solved! Muslim admits to burning Qurans in Dearborn

Ali Hassan Al-Asadi was charged with littering and the release of soot, both misdemeanors. He was released on a $500 bond after pleading guilty and faces a sentencing on Aug. 5 in 19th District Court in Dearborn.

Referring to the police report, Topolski said Al-Asadi claimed “a high-ranking official in the mosque defrauded him out of a large sum of money, and when he asked for it, he was belittled, humiliated, and hit with shoes.” The police report doesn’t specify which mosque.

I don’t see an apology to Terry Jones yet…

The Quran burnings came just days before a planned visit Saturday today by the Rev. Terry Jones, a pastor in Florida who’s known for burning Qurans. He’s expected to drive through metro Detroit in a motorcade with bikers and then rally against Islam at Dearborn City Hall. This would be his fifth visit to the city, which is about 40% Arab, including many Muslims.

Al-Husainy said he thinks the Quran burnings outside his mosque are related to Jones. In September 2012, Al-Husainy held a rally against Terry Jones outside the mosque, holding up a picture of Jones with a big X on it.

“This is revenge,” he said. “He’s coming here to terrorize us.”