Afghanistan election crisis: Presidential candidate refuses to accept result, claiming the vote was rigged

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah addresses supporters in Kabul, where he told them he would not accept the preliminary result of the election which placed his rival Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai well in the lead

An Afghan presidential candidate today made veiled threats of civil war as he claimed election results had been distorted by voter fraud.

Abdullah Abdullah told thousands of supporters at a rally in Kabul he had been called by both Barack Obama and John Kerry after he refused to accept the preliminary results.

Although he asked supporters for a few days to negotiate, there were fears that Mr Abdullah could ignore the result and declare victory, something he hinted at during his speech…

Also: Kerry warns against illegal power grab in Afghanistan: (Reuters) – Secretary of State John Kerry warned Afghanistan on Tuesday that any attempt to take power illegally following a disputed presidential election run-off would cost it U.S. support.

“I have noted reports of protests in Afghanistan and of suggestions of a ‘parallel government’ with the gravest concern,” he said in a statement issued by the U.S. embassy in Kabul.