When conservatives engage in Islamophobia and homophobia, and then evoke Nazi analogies, Hitler smiles gleefully in Hell

Conservative media personalities from Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh, as well as lawmakers and think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, have done their best to create a revisionist historical narrative of the Holocaust, Third Reich, and Nazism.

Saddam is another Hitler, therefore we must invade Iraq* and engage in nation building through a decade of insurgent war.

Liberals who admonish Bill O’Reilly are engaging in Nazi tactics by lying, even though politicians throughout history have lied and lying (although relevant) isn’t what allowed Hitler to engage in genocide or conquer Europe. Another great leap of logic is the talking point claiming Nazi Germany didn’t allow citizens gun ownership, so therefore anyone who advocates gun control is allowing another Nazi Germany…

To Glenn Beck, for example, racism is no longer minorities claiming persecution because of the color of their skin or ethnic background. Rather, racism according to many conservatives like Beck is having the audacity to claim someone is racist for making outlandish statements like, “Obama has a deep seeded hatred for white people or the white culture**”…

*Many people were ignorant of the tribal/clan culture of the Middle East and hence did not realize that intervention in Iraq would lead to disaster. And why were we ignorant? Not a single argument I ever read against intervention mentioned it. Isn’t that odd? And it was because discussion of tribes and clans became politically incorrect some years earlier, helped along by idiots like the late Edward Said.

**In 2008, I would not have agreed with this statement (knowing very little about Obama), but frankly, now I do.