Sufi leader: our influence is crucial against jihadism – but they are also a pain in the neck and hate Israel too

“Tolerant” Sufis are making a huge fuss over a stupid design (from Italy)!

ROME: The head of the Paris-based World Federation of Sufi Orders has stressed that his group is key to the struggle against jihadism, even in the West.

“Our aim is to promote peace in the world, fight against Salafism and convince all Muslims to take the path of modern Islam,” Sheikh Alaa Abul Azayem said in his Cairo home, noting that “modern Islam” consisted of ”coexistence among all populations that live in peace” and ”mutual understanding” without the use of force.

The Sufi leader is keeping a close eye on both Egyptian politics and the danger of Salafi jihadism, which is spreading at an ever more alarming rate even in the West (where many jihadist fighters are from) and not only in regional areas of crisis (from Egypt to Libya, Syria, and Iraq).

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“Our role is indispensable for the security of the entire world, and not only that of Egypt,” Azayem told ANSAmed. “Many Westerners are attracted to militant Salafism, whereas the Sufis, with their non-violent philosophy, can be a point of balance. This is why it is important that they be present among Muslims across the entire world…”
He said that true jihad could not exist in Islam “unless there is a real or imminent attack,” and that “the first victims of terrorists are their neighbors, with whom they should live in peace – and especially other Muslims.”

This is the case, he pointed out, in Egypt, Syria and Iraq, adding that he considered the Sinai-based group Ansar beit El-Maqdis (the ‘Partisans of Jerusalem’) – which has taken responsibility for numerous attacks in Egypt since the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi last year – to be following “Israel’s agenda.”

Azayem believes that the Muslim Brotherhood are also “agents of Zionism,” since “they have the same aim of governing the world through their plan for a Caliphate…”

Sufis protest in Germany:

What a copy, what a fake! Roberto Cavalli what a mistake! #TakeOffJustLogo
— Galsi (@Galsi_x) May 31, 2014

#RobertoCavalli STOP disrespecting our #Faith! Take off the #JustCavalli #Fashion logo! #Takeoffjustlogo #Sufirights
— Nasim Bahadorani (@NasimBaha) June 7, 2014

The sign in the photo says “Our logo, our right, Just Cavalli, is not authentic.”

Sufis in the North Caucasus are not very peaceful either.