Stupid Local Islamist Uses Picture Of Muslims Beating Jews To Illustrate Zionist Brutality

Zafar Bangash is perhaps Canada’s most highly regarded moderate Muslim and a vicious anti-Semite, he also runs Crescent Magazine, an online sewer of Islamic moderation.

Muslims of Bangash’s caliber lie with every breath they take which makes it a wonder they aren’t more accomplished at it.

At right is a screen capture from their latest steaming pile. “JDL thugs turn violent against Canada’s Palestine House”. The article is a lie from start to finish, but you knew that.

And now the 64 Dollar Question; How stupid do you have to be to use a picture, one I took, of Palestine House Mohammedans beating a Jew, to illustrate a lie about Zionist Brutality?

One answer – First cousin marriage;) Below is my original pic, the film clip from which the still was taken may be viewed here.