Israeli Police Arrest Suspects in Investigation Into Death of Teen

Palestinians burn tires and riot

TEL AVIV—Israeli police arrested several Jewish suspects in the investigation into the death of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a Palestinian teen from East Jerusalem whose abduction and murder on Wednesday touched off a wave of rioting, said a legal group representing the suspects.

A court hearing for the suspects was scheduled for Sunday afternoon, said Honeinu, a group that defends Israelis accused of extremist vigilantism.

Four days of rioting in East Jerusalem following the murder has fanned concern about the outbreak of a new Palestinian uprising. On Saturday, the unrest spread to Israeli Arab towns for the first time, raising the possibility of a front of conflict with Israel’s one-fifth Arab minority.

The statement came amid reports in the Israeli media of a “dramatic development” in the investigation, and that police believed the motive for the killing was anti-Arab nationalism. Spokespeople for the Israeli police declined to comment, citing a court-issued gag order.

Until now, Israeli police officials have said they were also investigating the possibility the murder was the result of a family dispute or an honor killing, upsetting Palestinians.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accused Jewish settlers of carrying out the killing, and said Israel’s government should be held responsible.