Turkey’s ruling party (AKP) demands resignation of ‘alcohol drinking’ official

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has requested the resignation of a party official in the southwestern province of Muğla, after photos of him drinking alcohol were shared on social media, another local official has confirmed.

A photograph showing the AKP’s Menteşe district chair, Mustafa Çelebi, and two local board members drinking during a “Solidarity Night” event on June 24 created uproar in AKP cadres after being shared on Facebook.

AKP deputy Aydın Şengül, from the nearby province of İzmir, visited Menteşe after the crisis erupted to inspect the claims, as well as rumors that free invitations to the event had been sold to party members.

Şengül presented a file based on his interviews to AKP Deputy Chair Süleyman Soylu, who is in charge of the party’s grassroots organizations. After reading the file, Soylu instructed the AKP’s Manisa provincial chair to request Çelebi’s resignation.

Çelebi has asked to be given until Monday to decide whether to resign voluntarily.