Kids and pets and hot cars: just NO, but one case was murder

Ross Harris, the father of a toddler who died after police say he was left in a hot car for about seven hours on June 18.

A married Georgia father was messaging nude photos and explicit texts to six females – including teenagers – while his 22-month-old son was left to die inside his sweltering locked car, a detective testified Thursday.

The explosive testimony against failed father Justin Ross Harris, 33, came as Judge Frank R. Cox denied bond because “this is a possible death penalty case,” he told the court.

Along with the sexting of underage girls, Cobb County detective Phil Stoddard told the court that Harris had taken out two life insurance policies on his young son Cooper, one for $2,000 and one for $25,000.

Instead of remembering to take his son to day care on June 18 morning – a task Stoddard said Harris regularly did – the dad drove straight to work after having breakfast with his son at a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

He then went back to texting the women, one of which said Harris told her he “wanted to hook up,” according to Stoddard.

“Do you have a conscience?” one woman allegedly texted Harris on June 5.

“Nope,” Harris allegedly replied…

Another case in Saudi Arabia: Infant dies after being left inside car: A five-month-old infant died in Saihat after the family driver forgot all about her inside a locked car.

Maryam Saleh was buried Tuesday after suffocating in the closed car.

The family driver forgot about the little girl after dropping off her mother at a market.

A family affairs expert pointed out that infants and children should not be left to the care of foreign workers, whether maids or drivers, in the wake of several social networking sites published videos showing these workers, most of whom are not qualified to look after children, abusing the children of their sponsors.

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