Clan trouble round-up Pakistan: Uncles kill 13-year-old niece with a hammer; 2 dead, 3 injured in an old feud

FAISALABAD: Two men reportedly killed their 13-year-old niece in village 345-JB on Wednesday for having a “bad character”. Police have arrested the two men on Thursday.

Nawan Lahore police said the girl’s father told them that his daughter was home alone on Wednesday when his brothers went to his house and saw her “in a compromising position with a local boy with whom she had illicit relations”.

The boy fled after seeing the two men. The uncles then beat the girl with hammers and killed her.

Ashiq Ali, a relative of the girl, told journalists on Thursday that the girl had been seeing a boy from the area. She had reportedly called him to her house while her parents were away. He said her uncles had become infuriated upon seeing her in an objectionable position with the boy.

The girl’s father gave a different version to The Express Tribune…

BANNU: Two persons were killed and three pedestrians were injured when men opened fire at a man in Basya Khel, Bannu in the late hours of Thursday.

An official of the Basya Khel police, Nabi Shah, said the incident occurred at around 11pm. Shah explained that Amjid Khan was on his way home when the unidentified attackers opened fire on him near Kachkot Asad Khan. Amjid, along with a passerby Safirullah, were killed on the spot and three other pedestrians were severely injured.

The official added that the injured Siraj, Aminullah, and Muhammad Amir were rushed to District Headquarters Hospital, Bannu in critical condition, while the attackers escaped.

Initial investigations revealed that the attackers had an old feud with Amjid and had come to settle a score. The police report added that Amjid had also allegedly killed a man from his rival group. A case was filed.