Our Gov’t – F&cking Us Over Since 1867: Youth exchange program next ‘stink bomb’ for Tories

In 2013, the IEC program accounted for about one quarter of the temporary foreign worker entries—the largest category.

Liberal Labour Critic Rodger Cuzner pointed out that despite this, it was basically left untouched when the reforms were announced. (He acknowledged a reference in the government documents released in June that said: “Reciprocity is the problem,” and “increased efforts to promote the program to Canadians while working on barriers to Canadian participants in some countries” would be made).

And reciprocity does seem to be a problem: An inquiry to Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander obtained by Cuzner showed participation levels from many foreign countries sending workers into Canada reached the capped “reciprocal quota” amount, but Canadian participation didn’t come close.

In 2012, Croatia and the Czech Republic met their capped quotas in sending 300 and 1,150 workers respectively; only two Canadians went to Croatia and 47 to the Czech Republic. Mexico sent 250 workers while Canada reciprocated with two the same year; Poland sent 753 compared to Canada’s four and Taiwan sent 999 versus Canada’s 29.

But wait there’s more… Border officials have probed 19 runaway nannies and live-in caregiver program abuses since January