JDL Protest At Palestine House Turns Violent

Random scenes from tonight’s protest.

The only person arrested last night that I am aware of was a member of Yids on Wheels who attended in support of the JDL vigil. An officer stated it was on an Obstruct Justice charge for having stopped his bike when he was ordered not to.

This is the main skirmish, which took place on the Pallie side of the street. Sorry for the poor camera work but there was a lot going on.

This is the first film of the initial skirmishes that occurred just after I arrived.

I believe this is where the JDL member was stabbed in the head with a broken sign pole.

After he went down the Pallies descended on him like vultures.

First assault of JDL member caught on camera – JDL member sucker punched – film to follow

A face you were looking for

And another face for the files

Another face to remember – he just whacked a JDL member with a Pallie Flag

They brought in some heavy artillery