UK: Road signs cause sexism row #FirstWorldProblems

A sign put up by Heysham M6 link road builders Costain

A number of signs saying ‘Please slow down my daddy works here’ have been put up at key construction sites in the area with the aim of alerting drivers to construction workers and warning them to slow down.

But Twitter users have classed the sign as promoting ‘Everyday sexism.’

Mark Williamson✈ tweeted: ‘Most people seem to think it’s odd, (the sign) but if it keeps people safe, it’s the acceptable face of sexism.’

Martyn Dews ‏tweeted: ‘I thought the sign a bit odd too. More importantly so did my wife and daughters.’

The Joy of Bex ‏tweeted: ‘This is one for @EverydaySexism I believe…’