I Don’t Even Want To Know What’s In The “Secret Sauce” – Burger King Goes Full Homo

Oh well, one more business that will never see another dime of my money.
Just as well, Fast Food is bad for you.
Since it’s “Pride Week” I’m surprised they did not also have a contest to see how many you could also jam up your partner’s *ss.

See the moronic film here.
Vapid, but you really should watch it. It’s not that long.

And their moronic tweet

Burger King celebrates gay pride with ‘Proud Whopper’ http://t.co/v9mJxmziaR
— Ad Age (@adage) July 3, 2014

And the moronic press release:

“For Pride Week, Burger King introduced a new menu item: a gay pride burger. Spoiler: it’s the same burger, just in a rainbow colored wrapper. The company is selling the sandwiches through Thursday in San Francisco, at a restaurant on Market Street that was the central part of the city’s Pride Celebration last weekend.
The brand also released an emotive online film where Burger King lays bare the strong emotions provoked by its Proud Whopper. Customers are not told what is in the burger, but once opened up, a message inside the wrapper states, “We are all the same inside.” What’s different about the film is that it’s perfectly candid about customers’ different reactions to both the name and the message — while not everyone is exactly cool with it, the younger customers love it and those celebrating Gay Pride are particularly emotional. The film was made by David, Miami and directed by Smuggler’s Henry-Alex Rubin.
Sales of the Proud Whopper (which is only available at the Market Street, SF location) will be donated to Burger King’s McLamore Foundation, for scholarships benefiting LGBT college-bound, high school seniors graduating in spring 2015.”

That is all