Sign of the times? UN forced to drastically cut food rations to African refugees

In a joint statement on Tuesday, the UN Refugee Agency and World Food Programme (WFP) called on donor nations to make up a $186 million (135-million-euro) funding shortfall, which would restore life-saving rations for many African refugees.

“Many refugees in Africa depend on WFP food to stay alive and are now suffering because of a shortage of funding,” the organization’s chief, Ertharin Cousin, said in a news release.

Meanwhile, the UN Refugee Agency announced that it needed an additional $39 million to fund nutritional support for vulnerable refugees across Africa. The two agencies warned that the drastic cuts in food rations could push many refugees to the brink of starvation…

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So if the West runs out of money, at will eventually happen as current rates, people will starve?  It may be less that  there is insufficient land available for growing food  (in Africa), and more that the wars and terrorism are disrupting everything.

See also Reuters report on the topic.