Only in Canada… Street Ho’s seek apology, reparations

There is a piece of Vancouver history that not many know about. About 30 years ago, industrious, community-minded “hookers on Davie” street were banished from living and working in the West End. Violently cast out as disposable trash, these sex workers are long overdue for official truth, reconciliation, and reparations.

The Chief Justice of the British Columbia Supreme Court, Allan McEachern, ruled on July 4, 1984, that sex workers on the Davie Street stroll were a “blatant, aggressive, and disorderly public nuisance.” He chastised those who “defiled our city” by “taking over the streets and sidewalks for the purpose of prostitution.” To remedy what he called the “urban tragedy” of the West End, McEachern banned female, male, and transsexual prostitutes from their neighbourhood.