Drunken Rich Kid Acting Like A Douche After Brunch in New York

The title pretty much says it all, but here’s some background: A group of outrageously drunk young people left schmancy restaurant Pranna having had about nine(teen) mimosas too many. Seeing a train wreck in action, a man decided to film them. Over the course of the three-minute video, one of the belligerent brunchers made some dubious claims, including (but not limited to): “My dad owns half of fucking Manhattan.” “You want me to call Bill de Blasio right now? He’s a fucking liberal, but I’ll fucking call him.” “Those cameras don’t take video.” “My dad’s a fucking real estate agent in fucking New York.” “Who will win that lawsuit? The guy who has half the cops in his pocket, or the… fucking loser who is trying to take the video?”

He seems to have answered the last question for himself. Remember kids, brunch responsibly.