V.A. Letting A 31-Year-Old Veteran Starve to Death With An Undiagnosed Illness? YES WE CAN!

If Joe Geoghagan were an illegal alien, Nancy Pelosi would fly to his bedside and be holding fund raisers for him.

But since she is a deplorable piece of sh*t, she only does that for illegal aliens looking to get on public assistance.

I wonder if Pelosi would see this as a humanitarian opportunity?

“Initially, Joe was treated by the VA in Washington State and perhaps surprisingly, given the beating that the VA has taken in the press lately, he had nothing but good things to say about his treatment in that state. After a long, dark period, things were finally starting to look up.”

Now take a look at the letter the Veteran’s Administration sent to him last week…

Essentially they said: “go off and die”
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 This is Joe writing:

I just got my ratings decision in the mail from the VA dated the 24th of June this year. …They say that my stomach issues….are not related to my military (service).

…I also received a letter saying that they’re not going to pay for my pump anymore, I mean the pump that feeds me through my tube. They’re not going to pay for the supplies anymore either, the feeding bags the syringes etc. So to summarize they’re not going to pay me and now they’re going to stop providing me nutrition. 

…I’ve never felt so small or so betrayed in my entire life. After what I’ve done for my country and what I continue to go through today. I just can’t stop crying. How can they do this to a veteran, I just don’t understand.

 After you’ve cut a hole in a man’s stomach and put a tube into it, it would seem to be a little late in the game to decide that it’s not your problem anymore. Yet, that’s exactly where we’re at today. Sick as he is, IF he can even get an appointment, Joe drives 40 miles to see a doctor and says he’s typically left waiting for 3-4 hours before he can get in to receive substandard care.