MEMRI: Pro-Iranian, pro-Saudi camps in the Arab world accuse each other of engineering ISIS takeover of Iraq

ISIS jihadi in Raqqa, Syria

An editorial in the Saudi daily Al-Yawm said: “The Arabs, [including] the Iraqis, are amazed and embarrassed, [wondering] how militias limited in their size and equipment managed to capture the city of Mosul, filled with modern army [units] equipped with extensive military gear.

However, if we examine the tortuous behavior of ISIS and the Al-Maliki regime in Iraq, the matter is neither amazing nor surprising, nor is it related to the Iraqi army’s capability. Rather, [it has to do with] the tactics of Prime Minister Al-Maliki, who surely ordered Iraqi army units to withdraw from Mosul, abandoning it as prey for the ISIS militias.
Lebanese ‘Al-Akhbar’: Ibrahim Al-Amin, board chairman of the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, which is known for its support of Hizbullah and the resistance axis, wrote: “[The events in Iraq and Syria] have one single purpose, which is to destroy our states, armies and institutions, tear [our] social fabric apart, and prevent the axis which opposes American-European-Zionist imperialism from gaining victories…

“This plan was meant to harm Syria… but its abject failure forced the countries and elements that support this lunacy – starting with the U.S., Israel and Syria and culminating with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, along with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafi streams to look for other options…