Islamophobia and other lies

A rare picture of an angry Muslim in Tunisia. These pix are really hard to find. LOL.

Google for “angry Muslim”–there is very little there. Check out “angry Amish”–now that is something else

When one is labeled Islamophobic, what exactly does the charge constitute?

What it should mean is that you are guilty of harboring a fear, more explicitly a fear of the standard Islamic reprisals to those who dare question their ideologies and similarly those who reject or resist Islamic dogmas from taking root in Western society. Islam has quite proudly adopted a method of persuasion which invariably includes death, injury or torture.
Murtaza Hussain, the columnist for Al Jazeera, must live in a very different world to the rest of us. He insists Muslims are a peace-loving folk, the victims of a growing persecution led by a bloodthirsty gang of fascists now known as the new atheists.

Hussain finds support in this absurdity in US writer, Glenn Greenwald, citing in his column that Islam is unfairly demonized by a malicious campaign of hatred , receiving undue focus from religious dissidents such as Sam Harris who should instead be concentrating on more viable threats (Jainism perhaps)…

* * *
Those damn Jains.  I can scarcely look at the world news of any website without running into stories about their latest atrocities.