Haroon Siddiqui, the Toronto Star and the Muslim Brotherhood Kidnapping of Children in Canada

The Toronto Star ran an opinion piece attacking the Canadian government as well as “secularists and liberals” for being the “enablers of the army in Cairo that strangled a nascent democracy and has replaced it with a Gulag.”

The suggestion that Egypt was a nascent democracy under the Muslim Brotherhood is patently wrong. The so-called “Renaissance” program of the Muslim Brotherhood featured a severe crack down on TV journalists, print reporters and judges as well as Christians and Muslims who did not support the Ikhwani.

President Morsi, seen as a hand puppet to the real power of Khairat el-Shater, was well on his way to installing a Muslin Brotherhood inspired constitution and government which would have led Egypt back to the 6th Century.

The author of the piece, Haroon Siddiqui might have done better to examine the case of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Chiheb Battikh in Montreal. The Journal de Montreal ran a five page article describing how Chiheb Batikh of the Muslim Brotherhood attempted to kidnap a three year old child for ransom.

What was the purpose of the ransom? According the the Journal de Montreal, it appears that the kidnapping was intended to fund the new Muslim Association of Canada/Muslim Brotherhood centre at 615 Belmont Avenue in downtown Montreal.

Perhpas Mr. Siddiqui would like to write on op-ed piece on how the practice of kidnapping children for ransom has been brought to Canada by the Muslim Brotherhood?