European churches migrant body told during rising xenophobia, its work is vital

A Syrian refugee girl bites a table as she and her family wait inside a Spanish Red Cross office before being transferred to a reception centre in Spain, upon their arrival from Melilla at Malaga port. Notice the crescent in the letters in the background.

Migration is not a new occurrence but recently in Europe it has become difficult and risky says Doris Peschke the head of a European churches organization that assists migrants and refugees.
The 19th general assembly of the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe held from June 26 to 28 in Sigtuna, Sweden.

The assembly was held at the Sigtuna Foundation and was hosted by the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden and the Christian Council of Sweden, which both belong to the church commission.

World Council of Churches president in Europe, Rev. Anders Wejryd

World Council of Churches president in Europe, Rev. Anders Wejryd, said, “For fifty years CCME has served modern societies and old churches, which both have to face the needs of uprooted people in respect for their individuality and traditions.

“Churches are vital for integration and they are among the most efficient tools for integration.

“We, as church people, can affect the use of this vital and efficient tool. If we are inspired by Jesus, we do see ‘the Other’ and when we see ‘the Other’ we may see Jesus.

“In times of growing xenophobia the churches have an immense task of underscoring the rights of the individual, who has seen him or her forced to migrate. The churches can also, as no-one else, lift up the values of the new land.”

One the opening day participants discussed how the churches can influence European countries to take greater responsibility for what they said was a refugee crisis in the region.

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These damned alarmists! Why Doug Saunders just wrote that there is no crisis. These people are well-educated and middle class!

As for the Reverend, being accepting of Muslims is insane. See: history of the expansion of Islam throughout the world, especially in the Middle East, where Christianity suffered considerably, and was wiped out completely in many locations.  Of the few that remain, their numbers are growing smaller and smaller as they flee the region in fear of Muslims.

He must be a nut case.  Committing cultural suicide is not on my agenda.  And it happens wherever Muslims become a majority.