Any Sufficiently Advanced Troll is Indistinguishable from “Legitimate Feminist Dialog” – Part 2

Some of you might remember one of the earliest anti-Feminist 4Chan twitter pranks back in January and February called “#FreeBleeding”. It was only semi-successful in that it was considered so over-the-top (and we will come back to that part) that it was generally was not taken seriously outside the lunatic fringes of the lunatic fringe elements of RadFemme Inc. It now seems that 4Chan’s only crime was being ahead of the feminist gestalt curve.

Even when in the lions den, NEVER be afraid to be yourself, as you were born. FREE WOMEN #freebleeding
— Sweet Cooze (@CozyCooze) January 31, 2014

If you aren’t #freebleeding you aren’t free living. Stop letting men decide what functions are acceptable for you. Why are you ashamed?
— Sweet Cooze (@CozyCooze) February 6, 2014

Yes, at the time, it was thoroughly and utterly denounced by many Femmes such as “birdie” mag and explained to one and all that it “was not a thing”. You see, ya bunch of silly Hobbits, legitimate Feminist dialog is OBVIOUS!

Operation Free Bleeding is 4chan community /b/’s latest shitty prank designed to “hit feminists right where it hurts most”. Why? Because for some twisted individuals, watching a feminist war break out on the internet is spectator sport.
But as The Daily Dot points out, the prank is going “terribly”, though “that’s to be expected when a group of teenage boys, with no understanding of the movement they’re criticizing, launch a couple silly hashtag trends. …And then kicking back to watch as the shitfight exploded.” 

Now it’s almost five months later and the RadFemmes have finally caught up with the 4Chan trolls. In fact, you could say they have mind-melded, and on some subjects, are speaking with one voice.

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Fed up with the shame surrounding their periods, the Spanish performance collective Sangre Menstrual took over the public streets in sets of white pants stained with menstrual blood. This performance artwork was politically motivated; as the group writes in their “Manifesto for the Visibility of the Period,” the taboo surrounding menstruation serves to oppress women and reinforce patriarchal systems.
By making a public display of their shedding uterine linings, the group hopes to reclaim the female body and free normal bodily functions from shame and judgement. Since the earliest books of the bible and before, menstruation has been viewed as unclean, and often women have even been kept separate from men during their periods. Sangre Menstrual, whose name literally translates to “menstrual blood,” intends to change all that. In their manifesto, the group of women write, “I stain [my pants], and it doesn’t make me sick. I stain [my pants] and I don’t find it disgusting.”


All hail 4Chan, the Cassandras of our time!

Hopefully bikini bridge will return soon, but I’m not holding my breath.
The RadFemms REALLY hated that one.

But you never know!