Pakistan honour killing round-up

Three women and a man were killed for ‘honour’ in separate incidents…on Friday night.

In Faisalabad district, a man killed his sister and an uncle for ‘honour’ on Friday night. Satiana police told media persons on Saturday that Sameer Ali*… had suspected his sister Saima Bibi, who was married to his cousin, and his uncle Hassan Tanveer of having illicit relations.
Two cases of ‘honour’ killings were reported from Rahim Yar Khan and Ali Pur on Friday night.

A man killed his wife and another man for allegedly having ‘illicit relations’.

Sumera Mai, a resident of Paloo Shah in Rahim Yar Khan, had been married to Muhammad Shah for nine years. Shah believed that his wife had developed an illicit relationship with another man.

On Friday night, he and his mother allegedly hanged Sumera Mai from the ceiling and killed her. Hearing her screams, the neighbours called police.
In a separate incident, Asfar, a resident of Bait Jabheel, suspected his aunt of having an affair with another person in the area. On Friday night, he barged into her house and shot [her] and slit her throat and fled…

*All Names have been changed to protect identities