Harper Government Pours Additional Billions Of Your Tax Dollars Into Nations That Persecute Christians

I previously reported that for the fiscal year 2012 alone, the conservative government had spent a cool Billion in foreign aid to 30 Muslim majority nations that were ranked among the top 50 for Christian persecution. You can see the documentation below and the original post is here.

Now the Harper Government has announced a new foreign aid initiative, one that will pour an additional 3.5 Billion in aid to 9 nations for “maternal and infant care”. An admiral initiative, save for the fact that of the 9 nations targeted for Harper’s grand gesture, 6 are Muslim majority nations and all of those are ranked among the top 50 leading nations that engage in Christian persecution.

  1. Afghanistan – No. 5 on list – There are no churches left in Afghanistan, the last was destroyed in 2010.
  2. Sudan – No. 11 on list – Maybe our money will be used to buy Meriam Ibrahim and her baby some new shackles
  3. Nigeria – No. 14 on list – #Bringbackourgirls should be renamed #Bringbackourcash
  4. Bangladesh – No. 48 on list – In 2012, 80 children were taken under false pretenses to various madrasas where they were pressured to convert to Islam.
  5. Mali – No. 33 on list
  6. Tanzania – No. 49 on list

These are the 3 majority Christian nations who will also receive a share of the 3.5 Billion in new aid, Haiti, Malawi, & Mozambique. Sorry, but I just don’t see an upside to sending aid to Muslim nations. Harper is welcome to play at Mr. Foolish Statesman all he wants, just not with my money.

From the Sun – Spend aid money wisely

“Nobody wants to seem like they’re against funding this sort of thing. But hard questions have to be asked.

At a summit on global maternal and child health, Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised $3.5 billion over five years starting in 2015. This is a renewal of previous funds.

$1,033,744,550.99. That’s the amount of money given by our government to 30 Muslims nations that rank among the top 50 Islamic states engaged in the persecution of Christians. That 1 Billion is the give-away for 1 year only, fiscal 2011 to 2012.

Canadian Foreign Aid To Muslim Nations That Persecute Christians.pdf